Episode 56: Three Billboards

If you liked that “Three Billboards” movie, you’re going to love The Bee Man and the A-Train reading the script and making some phone calls on this episode of THE WORLD RECORD PODCAST! Join the Patreon for over 30 bonus minutes of this episode PLUS full uncut VIDEO patreon.com/worldrecordpodcast

We will start discussing world records in 2021.

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Episode 55: Freestyle Raps, Hot Tub Water Births, and Three Billboards

This episode has some of the best Bee Man and A-Train raps to date. They flip gender roles on their heads and call some hot tub places to get a hot tub for our upcoming water birth, then we try to find a bikini for a Juggasaurus with Dip Can Nips. Join the Patreon to hear a table read of the script for that Three Billboards movie.

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