Episode 49: Mark Proksch and the Van Halen Challenge

Mark admits he’s Canadian and possibly a virgin when The Bee Man and The A-Train do their “GOTCHA” style journalism to him. Then Young Sheldon, his father Old Sheldon, and their lawyer call places to take the Van Halen challenge and buy some yo-yo’s! Watch the video episode here:

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Featuring a cover of “Welcome to the Jungle” by Chuck Watkins

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Episode 40: Admiral Clint’s Suicide Hotline and Lawyer Mark Brooks

A-Train and Brendon try to do a “sex episode” but get side-tracked when Brendon says he heard if you commit suicide while having sex, you have a more powerful orgasm. They call a suicide hotline to see if this is true, then their lawyer, Mark Brooks calls them and they argue about whether or not someone is flushing a toilet. This episode is pure insanity (with Duncan Trussell & Mark Proksch)

featuring a cover of Mötley Crüe’s “Live Wire” by Chuck Watkins

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