Episode 60: Bee Man and Aaron Return After Having Babies

Bee Man and Aaron call some baby stores, talk about some WORLD RECORDS, The Bee Man’s new jewelry, call our Philly Friends from Castellino’s in Philly, talk about the Gulf War song, then I do a song about a world record.

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Dave Waite and Shane Mauss join The Bee Man to play High/Low where we call Domino’s Pizzas and bet on whether the person who answers the phone will have a high voice or a low voice.

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George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex” cover by Chuck Watkins

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Episode 58: Linda Underwear

Twitter Sexpert Linda Underwear (@TimKalpakis) calls into the show to discuss riding her husband’s worm, her husband’s noodle, how to drive your man wild, and much more! We call Cosmopolitan magazine and some grocery stores to talk about eating snacks on the toilet. There’s 45 bonus minutes on the Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/worldrecordpodcast

Pusha T’s “Numbers On The Boards” cover by Chuck Watkins

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Episode 57: Geno Randazzo

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bee Man and A-Train talk to their friend from the Old Country, Geno (Joe) Randazzo about comedy and defending statues from ANTIFA. We call an Italian place in Philadelphia and talk to Matt to find out why the Italian Market there smells so bad. We also talk to UFC fighter Mickey Gall about wearing a sports bra. Join the patreon for the full 2+ hour episode and VIDEO! www.patreon.com/worldrecordpodcast

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