Episode 51: Celebrity Gossip with The Highway Man

The Highway Man (Henry Phillips) joins the Bee Man to discuss today’s HOTTEST GOSSIP! We talk to a guy at a bar about Donnie Wahlberg and the $2020 tip challenge. We find out if you can have a threesome on a twin bed, then we discuss the feud between James Charles and Lauren Conrad. All that and more, right here in the GOSSIP ZONE!

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Episode 49: Mark Proksch and the Van Halen Challenge

Mark admits he’s Canadian and possibly a virgin when The Bee Man and The A-Train do their “GOTCHA” style journalism to him. Then Young Sheldon, his father Old Sheldon, and their lawyer call places to take the Van Halen challenge and buy some yo-yo’s! Watch the video episode here:

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Featuring a cover of “Welcome to the Jungle” by Chuck Watkins

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Episode 48: Pokemon Go To The Polls!

A-Train and the Bee Man get some free soda from Samuel who’s working from home and is the best guy we ever talked to on the phone. We talk about the Mandela Effect and call a place that’s too loud so we can talk about it. Then we Pokemon Go To The Polls.

Featuring a cover of “I Want To Be Sedated” by Chuck Watkins

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